For only $223 per month Aircrew Protection International offers:

  • $6,800 (AED 25,000) per month for the first five years of medical benefits underwritten by Lloyds of London, the largest insurer and reinsurer in the world.
  • After the first five years you apply to API benefits which includes AED 25,000  (increasing at 3% / year to 35,000 dirham) until your 65th birthday if you are terminated by Emirates (or another airline) to the limit of the funds in the Trust.
  • $50,000 legal insurance if you are involved in an incident while acting as flight crew (a very real possibility in some of the areas we operate!).
  • You can keep your membership when you leave Emirates and go to another carrier.
  • A percentage of your contributions returned when you retire from Emirates.
  • If you refer four pilots to API and they join and enter your staff number on the application form you’ll get a free year of membership.
  • Access to the Harvey Watt & Co medical advisory and advocacy organization.
  • Sharia-complaint wills.
  • Our Rules translated into Arabic for our Arabic-speaking members.