Dear Colleague,

Your online form will require address details. These details must exactly match the information supplied by Emirates (or for those outside company accommodation, your utility bills).

We recommend  getting the following documentation together prior to completing the on-line registration form but if you desire you can make the corrections online by updating your personal information after you have gathered the required documents.

You will require:

1.  Emirates Employee Letter (This letter must be dated in the last 3 months prior to submission). 

A. Go to HR Direct on your home computer portal or the computers in the ESC or the cabin crew service computers just past where documents are dropped off after a flight. THIS CANNOT BE DONE DIRECTLY ON THE LETTER PRINTING MACHINES AT HEADQUARTERS.

B. Select: Applications/Requests/Letter/New/Salary and Service

C. If you live in Emirates Accommodation, select Accommodation Address with Salary.

C. ​If you live outside Emirates Accommodation select Salary and Service (you will also need to supply two months' utility bills in your name and the address on the application must correspond exactly with the address printed on your utility bill (even if it looks wrong to you!). These can be from DEWA, Etisalat, Du, your bank or original tenancy agreement or title deed (if written in English) if you do not have utility bills in your name and address. A PO Box does not satisfy the legal requirement.)

D. Select/Type as Follows

  • Name/Designation: The Manager
  • Select Organisation/Institution Type: NON-UAE Bank.
  • Organisation/Institution Name: Sovereign Trust (Guernsey) Ltd
  • Address: Guernsey, UK

E. PRINT letter at the Employee Service Center or the kiosks around Emirates Headquarters including one in the Cabin Crew Service Center in the arrivals hall on the ground floor next to the mail pickup window.


When you submit the online form it will generate an email with the trust application attached.  Delivery instructions are included on that email and a list of the documents you will require: the trust application, Emirates letter, passport and if you live outside accommodation your utility bills.

Thank you for your interest in Aircrew Protection International.