Harvey Watt & Co - Helping Pilots for Over 60 Years

A thirty-year Eastern Airlines pilot, Harvey Watt, recognized the unique needs of airline pilots. First hand, he saw the devastating consequences a pilot faced when a medical certificate was lost due to illness. In 1951 he pioneered "Disability Loss of License" cover. At a time when insurance just wasn't available, he provided lump sum cash payment to disabled pilots so that they could use it as they wanted. Today, Harvey Watt & Co. are still doing the same thing; helping pilots overcome the potential loss of flying status.

Aircrew Protection International is teamed with one of the largest professional pilot health management organizations in the world which allows API to maintain our independence yet be strengthened by Harvey Watt & Co. resources. Harvey Watt & Co manages pilot group health services for:

  • American Airlines,
  • Delta,
  • United,
  • JetBlue,
  • Air Canada,
  • US Airways,
  • FedEx,
  • UPS and more.

Harvey Watt help keep pilots flying, protect their potential and maximizing results of their labors. Every pilot is facing a more complex world. Nothing is remaining the same and experience and knowledge are becoming more vital.

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