Rules News

18 FEBRUARY 2019
Added the Lloyd's of London requirements.
Floaters added to self-reported disabilities

03 NOVEMBER 2018

Removed the requirement to collect the Emirates Loss of License before submitting a claim.
Removed the requirement for the GCAA to permanently revoke medical before submitting a claim.

22 MAY 2018

Members may continue their API cover after leaving Emirates.
The appeals process has been included in the Rules.

03 MAY 2018

An appeals process has been added as an appendix to the Rules. 

04 DECEMBER 2017

Exceptional Danger, as mentioned in Rule 13.3.8 has now been codified in the Definitions Section. Extreme sports are (and always have been) covered by the Plan.
For Self-Reported Disabilities (see Rule 13.4.1) the Notice of Entitlement shall be six (6) months.
Special Term disabilities removed.
Rule 13.4.3 has been renumbered from 13.4.4.
"Re-occur" has been defined in the Pre-Existing Conditions definition