Password Reset Guidlines

To reset your password, please click on the link below.

Please note the following prior to attempting a password reset:-

If you joined / registered as an API member after 18 FEB 2017:

  • Please use the email you entered in the online registration form.

If you joined / registered as a LIPS / API member before 19 FEB 2017 and have not UPDATED PERSONAL INFORMATION after 18 FEB 2017:

  • Please use the format for this first-time entry.
  • If you don't receive a reply after sending your Email ID  please check your SPAM (generally it comes the next day to your mailbox).
  • When you UPDATE PERSONAL INFORMATION, you may change your email as you desire.
  • Once you have completed the UPDATE PERSONAL INFORMATION online form, use that email for any future password reset.

To Begin Password Reset, click here - Password Reset

If you are still having problems after following the above guidelines then please feel free to raise a support ticket by clicking here - Support Ticket


Best regards

The IT Team at Aircrew Protection International