I'm glad I had API

We all think we are invincible and nothing will happen to us! Our class 1 medical is one of the most fragile things we have, the gets scrutinised every year until 60 then twice a year thereafter. 

I know better than most, 2 years ago whilst at the peak of my physical fitness I was suddenly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that ended my flying career. It was a terrible time for me & my family not knowing what the future would hold. I went through all the doubts, will the company pay and will API (LIPS at the time) pay? Will they try to wriggle out of paying somehow? But the process was easy, everyone involved were 100% professional with great support from both EK and API throughout and Harvey Watt in the US got involved from an early stage to act as an independent pair of medical eyes.

I can only say I'm glad had API and I don't have to worry about my financial future and would like to thank all the guys at API for holding my hand thru the whole process. 

Don't delay get peace of mind, you don't know what's around the corner especially with the current demanding rosters you all fly. If any of you have any questions about my experience don't hesitate to contact me.

Captain David Gaughan

Thank you API

I lost my medical in July 2015 due to depression after my wife passed away. However hard I tried, the doctors recommended another 6 months of recovery was needed after I had been on sick leave for one year. Management did not want to entertain unpaid leave or any other options so that I could regain my medical and continue flying. So I was terminated with my medical still 'pending' with the GCAA. Depression is one of the conditions that Emirates and API will not pay compensation for, so no loss of licence from Emirates or API.

I did however receive a generous 'death of spouse' payout from API for which I was very thankful. While I accepted this final outcome I was surprised to learn that I did not qualify for LSB from API either. After a phone call to one of the committee members and explaining the situation, the committee all agreed to help me out by reimbursing my entire subscription fee from when I first joined LIPS may years ago.

This was a very generous gesture and will go a long way to assisting me financially when I am back home. Thank you API for your generous consideration.

July 2016

Jeremy Roswell

My family will have a secure financial future

If you get a lucky cancer diagnosis it won't take your life but it will destroy it....
It ruins your career,It ruins your family life and relationships,It ruins your hobbies.

Due to my API coverage, one thing that it hasn't affected is my financial stability.  No matter what the future holds I can safely say that my family will have a secure financial future ahead of them.

Robert Brown

Frank Bishop - (Emirates Pilot)

I have been a Captain with Emirates for over six years and I joined the Emirates Pilot Loss of Income Protection scheme (API) very soon after I heard about it. My decision to join API (as opposed to other, 'for-profit' schemes) was for two main reasons; First; the annual subscriptions were reasonable. Second; because it is administered by fellow Emirates pilots, I believed (and continue to believe) it's a lot easier communicating directly with fellow Emirates pilot decision-makers, than it would be with a commercial, multi-layered offshore insurance company.

Unfortunately for me and my career as a pilot, in December 2013 it became clear I could lose my pilot medical - permanently. Fortunately API was there for me. As I'd hoped and trusted, any stories I'd heard about API trying to avoid payment at all costs were false - the issue never materialized, at all. After notification from the GCAA on 9th March that I was permanently grounded, I submitted my API claim, along with all the required supporting documentation. Within the timeframe as explained to me, Harvey Watt & Co (the professional API medical claim processor company, located in the USA) had informed me of their findings and subsequent recommendation to API. Again, within the described timeframe, I had heard from the API Directors of their decision to award me API monthly benefits and all that remained was for me to confirm my bank details.

My belief in API that all would be quick and easy to communicate with my fellow-pilot decision makers was indeed correct. ALL my dealings with ALL the people at API have been prompt and professional.As a result of my experiences, it is with pleasure that I recommend API protection to any pilot who may be in any doubt as to whether it is the correct institution with which to protect your Emirates pilot income.

With appreciation - Frank Bishop

What is your plan

Respected Emirates Colleagus,​

One’s career may be likened to a flight. We hope that it will be ultra long range. We plan to make it to our destination at our desired retirement date. Like a well-planned flight, the path of our long-range career may need adjusting. The arc of one’s professional life may be cut short, and we have to manage mid-flight change up to and including relying on our alternate.

LIPS is the alternate. What’s your plan?

Captain Steve Nuttall

Please ensure you have LIPS coverage.

Dear colleagues,

Nobody would like to hear the words from a doctor, “you'll probably never fly again.” With three daughters in either school or university, one of my immediate reactions was “thankfully, I have income protection”. This was quickly followed by “is my coverage in order?”

The LIPS Directors; Garrie, Paulo and Roger, were very quick to assure me that everything in this regard was OK. And Garrie took time to explain coverage and discuss any further queries that I had. He even called me to follow-up, from time to time, to see how I was.

Thankfully, I'm flying again now, following medical attention. I would like to endorse and recommend the LIPS income protection product and their service to every Emirates pilot.

Please ensure you have LIPS coverage. You cannot afford to be without it.

Capt Grayden Thompson

They became involved on both a personal and a professional basis



Wayne McCone

MAY 15, 2015

Dear Emirates Colleagues, For me 2014 began with bad news regarding my health and by November it was confirmed that my license was revoked. My career as a pilot ended!
As I was a member of API (former LIPS) I notified them and submitted a claim. I cannot say anything else than that the claim was processed very professionally, straight forward and humane. If I had a question, within a day I received a reply.
Shortly after all required documents were submitted and reviewed, Garrie contacted me to inform me that my claim was approved. Special thanks to Joe, who was my primary contact and who still keeps in touch to inquire on my situation. Thanks to the fact that I joined API I am now still able to continue offering my family a stable lifestyle. As we do not know what lies on our path, I highly recommend anyone of you to join API to protect yourself against loss of income.

Appreciative API benefits Cliamant

"It won't happen to me!"

In an unusual turn of events late last year, I was diagnosed with a non-lifethreatening medical condition resulting in a Loss of flight medical and therefore my flying license.

One always thinks that it won’t happen to me, but my situation has proven just how fragile a flight medical can be!

Throughout my Professional Life I have always maintained Loss of Income Insurance, as I consider it to be one of the most important Insurance Policies anyone should have. Prior to joining API, I researched other options and I concluded there was no comparative policy available.What sets API apart is that API is Emirates specific and is run by a team of Emirates pilots. The ‘Benefits’ also continue regardless of whether, after your loss of license, you are able to derive another form of income. Most income protection policies will pay only a percentage of your salary and make an adjustment to your benefit once you acquire a new income.

In other words, depending on your new salary, you may very well not receive any income protection at all under a Policy with a different Insurer.From my perspective what the API Policy allows, is the freedom to choose. It affords you the ability to refocus and prioritize your personal life and professional career with the peace of mind knowing that you will continue to have a regular monthly income source up to age 60.

Throughout the claims process, the API Committee and Administrators acted with courtesy, integrity and professionalism, and finalized my claim expeditiously.

As Pilots we always endeavor to mitigate risk. Therefore, I highly recommend Income Protection through the API Policy for the same reason.

Appreciative API Benefits Claimant

Resigned from Emirates

The words Aircrew Protection International (formerly LIPS) translate to me: Peace of Mind, which as we all know, cannot be valuated, priced or otherwise financially quantified. It means financial assurance at a very low annual cost and without all the games, tricks and traps along the way because the bylaws have been written by Emirates pilots for Emirates pilots and its simplicity and common language are easy to understand.

Over the years I’ve been with API, I’ve observed the common-pilot approach to the language in providing guidance, speed in answering my questions, clarification and what is simply the best transparency I’ve seen in the region. With over ten years at Emirates I never had to exercise our policy but I knew it was always there in the background which has always been a tremendous comfort. You don’t realize how much that means to you until you’ve resigned and you’re temporarily left in no-man’s land until your next career step’s benefits kick in.

A very big Thank You to all those administering the API plan and a very big Thank You to all those pilots within the Plan because the increasing number of members continue to reinforce its actuarial soundness. Thank you.

June 2016

Jeff Wooldridge

In response to request for payment information

Very thorough, speedy and courteous response. Thank you.

Robert Conroy

A word of thanks - November 2016

The support and feedback I received was very good. Quick and accurate thus allowing me to continue with my work daily quickly. Well done to the support team!

Patrick Spiteri

In response to request for payment information

Prompt response even over the public holiday. Excellent work!

David HS Ford

Thank you - September 2016

I love LIPS, thank you for all your help

James Nixon

Message from Member requesting account assistance - November 2016

Very good and fast response! Thank you very much...

Thomas Haubenhofer