In March of 2019 Baymac was asked to provide administrative and management services to the original Aircrew Protection International group whose pilots became members of Baymac. Aircrew Protection International (API) was set up to provide services for members of the API Trust in Guernsey, UK which provided medical benefits to its pilots. In 2020 the Trust dissolved and Aircrew Protection International ceased operations. The new Airline Pilots International (“API”) has been created and members of the 'original API' have transitioned to this new group - also for simplicity referred to as API. Baymac has agreed to take responsibility for keeping the API group together so that members can continue to receive the fantastic group rates from Clements and Lloyd's of London.
Temporary Total Disability (TTD): $6,800 monthly benefit, 60 month (maximum) payout with a 12 month elimination period. The payout amount can be topped-up by contacting: Baymac Management Services Ltd Tel: +971 55 111 3674 & WhatsApp Email: apiinfo@baymac.net
The Elimination Period is the time between the date when the accident occurs or following notification by Aviation Medical Services or the Aviation Regulator certifying that the medical certificate has been suspended for medical reasons or following the total incapacitation of the insured person and the commencement of payments of benefits under the policy. When an accident occurs or your medical is suspended you have to notify API in writing via our website and they will notify Clements Worldwide who will supply claim forms when required.
PTD refers to a lump-sum payout associated with a permanent disability. PTD is not covered under the API program. but IS available as a top-up cover separately under Baymac – Clements Individual Loss of Income program
If you have 6 months or less left on that individual plan, then no cancellation is allowed and you should notify Baymac when the policy expires with your decision to renew or not. If you have more than 6 months left Baymac Clements will allow pro-rated cancellation subject to no claims.
The API benefit payment is $6,800 per month for 5 years. This amount can be lowered by other insurance policies paying out at the same time. Most airlines have some payout for disabilities and if the API benefit payments started right away some of your API benefits could be lowered against another policy. By waiting a year there are less chances of you losing part of the benefit because of other insurance.
If you are looking to change benefits under an ongoing policy (such as deleting TTD coverage) please contact Baymac directly with further questions on your policy. They are the experts on their plans, just as we are with ours and we don't want to give out information on their plans and policies that could be incorrect or confusing.
Yes your coverage will continue when off duty such as on holidays or days off from work.
To update a credit / debit card please copy / paste this link: https://apiloi.clements.com/Updatepayment
This is a non-API fee for processing your credit card payment and is charged by the facilitator, not API. We questioned it as well and were told that fees like this came up because in the 'old days' people didn't pay off their credit cards every month and were paying upwards of 18% on their debt which made the credit card companies rich. Then people got smart and started paying off their monthly balance every month and credit card companies stopped being rich and had to find another way to make a profit and this is how they do it.
Not at all! We negotiated a special case if you're disabled anytime before your 65th birthday (even by a day) you'll still have a 12 month waiting period but then you'll receive your benefits payments even after age 65. So, as an example if an AME declares you unfit to fly one day before your 65th birthday you'd file a claim with Lloyd's of London and if the claim is approved you'll wait 12 months (the elimination period) and then your payments would start one day before your 66th birthday and carry on until one day before your 67th birthday!
Yes! This was a negotiated point. After you've held the policy for 36 months (three years from date of joining) the pre-existing conditions exclusion will not be considered if you qualify for benefits under the program.
The only changes are that we now cover all pilots with a valid CPL or ATPL.
The Clements / Lloyd's of London Pre-existing is any condition for which a person would have or should have sought treatment for in the 36 months prior to the date you make your first payment under the new system. Unlike most plans, after you've been a policy holder for 36 months Lloyd's no longer considers your pre-existing condition! Also, while a specific medical issue might be excluded as a pre-existing condition you would still be covered for any other conditions that arise (subject to the terms of the policy) during the time you have cover provided by the Lloyd's of London plan. It’s also important to consider that any specific medical issue you had that is pre-existing may not be the thing that causes you to be unable to fly. If you have questions about the pre-existing conditions please contact Tel: +971 55 111 3674 / Email: apiinfo@baymac.net.
Yes, except for pilots based in the United States, Cuba, North Korea and any other sanctioned territory.
If you have a top-up plan with Baymac you receive 100% of the combined API and Baymac top-up benefit! The top-up portion is limited to 60% of your current monthly salary. For example: your Gross Monthly Salary is $14,000; 60% = $8,400. The API Benefit = $6,800 so the top up available is = $8,400. Also, if you are a member of the Australian Air Pilots Mutual Benefit Fund the API benefit will not be reduced against the MBF. If you have a policy with another company the underwriters will not pay more than the agreed benefit per policy schedule in respect of total disability monthly benefit less any amount received as accident and / or sickness benefit under any state scheme or insurance from any source and / or from their employer as salary, benefit or other compensation.