You are still covered by API just like you were before the new partnership. If you were covered by API before the agreement, you're still covered by API after the agreement.
Temporary Total Disability (TTD): 12 month elimination period (waiting time between filing your claim and getting paid), $6,800 monthly benefit, 60 month (maximum) payout. After the TTD payout from Baymac / Clements you are eligible for payments from API: AED 25,000 (increasing 3% per year to a maximum of AED 35,000) to age 65. Please see HOW API WORKS where there are several simplified flowchart / diagrams.
The Elimination Period is the time between the date when the accident occurs or following written or verbal notification by Aviation Medical Services or the Aviation Regulator certifying that the medical certificate has been suspended for medical reasons or following the total incapacitation of the insured person and the commencement of payments of benefits under the policy. When an accident occurs or your medical is suspended you have to notify API in writing and they will notify Clements Worldwide who will supply claim forms. The period between the claim filing and 12 months is not covered because during that time you're covered by Emirates long-term sickness program.
PTD refers to a lump-sum payout. PTD is not covered under the API program. but IS available as a top-up cover separately under Baymac – Clements Individual Loss of Income program
If you have 6 months or less left on that individual plan, then no cancellation is allowed and you should notify Baymac when the policy expires with your decision to renew or not. If you have more than 6 months left Baymac Clements will allow pro-rated cancellation subject to no claims.
Your current Baymac-Clements policy will pay in addition to the API Program Benefits just as it would have done before the launch of the new API program. Your policy already has a claims coordination clause to allow for maximum of 100% of pre-disability salary earnings to be paid as maximum disability combined between API and Baymac-Clements LOI program. Also, the API Program Benefits have an exclusion period of 12 months.
If you are looking to change benefits under an ongoing policy (such as deleting TTD coverage), those can only be made at the policy renewal; please contact Baymac directly with further questions on your policy.
Yes your coverage will continue when off duty such as on holidays or days off from work.
We will have members flying in all parts of the globe in a variety of different regulatory regimes. Thus it will be to difficult for the Trustee to make a fair assessment of one's condition as they are unable to track all the various regulatory medical requirements; some regulators are more strict, some are more lenient. Therefore the choice was made to follow one regulatory body that has a solid foundation, is generally accepted amongst the flying community and is familiar to Harvey Watt & Co. (USA), the medical service advisor contracted by the Trustee.
During that time you are not covered by API but you are covered by Lloyd's of London. Then, once you get to your new carrier and send API the required documents your cover will start again with API as well as Lloyd's.
This is a non-API fee for processing your credit card payment and is charged by the facilitator, not API. We questioned it as well and were told that fees like this came up because in the 'old days' people didn't pay off their credit cards every month and were paying upwards of 18% on their debt which made the credit card companies rich. Then people got smart and started paying off their monthly balance every month and credit card companies stopped being rich and had to find another way to make a profit and this is how they do it. Our CreditVoucher company was charging 3.95% + $.65 per transactions so at least this is less.
Not at all! We negotiated a special case if you're disabled anytime before your 65th birthday (even by a day) you'll still have a 12 month waiting period but then you'll receive your benefits payments even after age 65. So, as an example if an AME declares you unfit to fly one day before your 65th birthday you'd file a claim with Baymac and if the claim is approved you'll wait 12 months (the elimination period) and then your payments would start one day before your 66th birthday and carry on until one day before your 67th birthday!
API will continue to pay you the full amount as long as you do not hold a valid Class I medical certificate.
API is a loss of medical certificate protection plan for Emirates pilots only. We do not cover any other pilots and have no affiliation with any other airline.
Regardless of rank or time in the plan API will pay AED 25,000 per month no matter where you choose to live. This amount increases yearly by 3% per annum, to a maximum of AED 35,000 per month.
UAE GCAA, as the licensing authority, are the only ones who can remove your GCAA license on medical grounds.
API has NEVER refused a legitimate claim made by any API member. We have had two members attempt to defraud the plan however they were unsuccessful and their claims were denied after they challenged API in the Dubai Court.
Absolutely not! The EK Loss of License is a lump sum payout and you receive it immediately upon termination, if you were terminated for medical reasons. You would still receive three years of API benefits until your retirement age.
API now covers members until 65! Please refer to the Rules Section 6.1 which are available on our website.
API pays regardless of other income, unless you hold a valid Class I medical certificate.
1. Application to the Aircrew Protection International Trust 2. Emirates Employee Letter 3. Passport. When you fill out the online registration form you will receive an email with details on each letter and where to deliver them in Dubai.
If you are able to take a Ground Instructor position it is because you have been terminated as a pilot by Emirates. We no longer consider the status of your GCAA Class I medical certificate. In order to file a claim you must simply be terminated by Emirates for medical reasons. If your contributions are paid and you are terminated by Emirates for medical reasons and your claim falls within the API Rules you are eligible for API benefits.
You are eligible for API benefits following termination as a pilot for medical reasons.
API will begin payments after a member has been terminated for medical reasons, the member's medical records have been reviewed by Harvey Watt & Co. and a recommendation forwarded to the API Trustee in Guernsey, U.K.
With the current membership funds, we have enough to cover well over the industry average for loss of license. As the membership numbers increase, this will favor the plan as a whole. Members' contributions are very carefully managed under the trust agreement of Sovereign and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. Our current cash balance exceeds AED 12,000,000.
As a result of our members' feedback we no longer consider the status of your GCAA Class I medical certificate. In order to file a claim you must simply be terminated by Emirates for medical reasons
One of the primary reasons for the change is that when Captain Andy Bell started LIPS in 2007, it was with a small group of pilots, a lot of trust and crossed fingers. But we have left those simpler times behind us; we have grown into a large, financially strong organization and in today’s regulatory environment relying on trust and hope is no longer a satisfactory way to do business. To that end, Aircrew Protection International has been created with the help of the Sovereign Group, who specialize in the formation and management of trusts funds and pensions. The Aircrew Protection International assets - your assets - that total over AED 12 million are now held in trust, regulated by The Guernsey Financial Services Commission with each and every member of Aircrew Protection International being a member of that trust. The other reason for this change is that when LIPS started it was simply a non-profit mutual benefit plan. In the nine years since, we have grown and added services far above and beyond the original plan. Aircrew Protection International is still a successful, non-profit mutual benefit plan but now offers: The first 5 years of medical benefits underwritten by Lloyd's of London· An improved, more secure medical license protection plan · A legal cover of $50,000 in the event you are named in a criminal or civil case as the result of your duties on the aircraft · Sharia compliant wills · Access to the Harvey Watt & Co medical advisory and advocacy organization.