You willl be ineligible to make further contributions or receive consideration for Disability Benefits or Leave Service Benefits or avail of the Death Benefit or Legal Cover.
If you are a current member of LIPS / API, you are covered by LIPS if your payments are up-to-date; you will still be required to submit your application to the API Trust. Once the application is approved by the Trustee you are covered as a beneficiary of the API Trust, Guernsey (UK). If you are a new member, your cover will be active once you have filled out the online registration form, made a payment and had your application approved by the Trustee.
One of the primary reasons for the change is that when Captain Andy Bell started LIPS in 2007, it was with a small group of pilots, a lot of trust and crossed fingers. But we have left those simpler times behind us; we have grown into a large, financially strong organization and in today’s regulatory environment relying on trust and hope is no longer a satisfactory way to do business. To that end, Aircrew Protection International has been created with the help of the Sovereign Group, who specialize in the formation and management of trusts funds and pensions. The Aircrew Protection International assets - your assets - that total over AED 19.8 million are now held in trust, regulated by The Guernsey Financial Services Commission with each and every member of Aircrew Protection International being a member of that trust. The other reason for this change is that when LIPS started it was simply a non-profit mutual benefit plan. In the nine years since, we have grown and added services far above and beyond the original plan. Aircrew Protection International is still a successful, non-profit mutual benefit plan but now offers: · An improved, more secure medical license protection plan · A life cover for your beneficiary of $100,000 in the event of your death · A life cover of $50,000 in the event of the death of your spouse, fiance or life partner · A legal cover of $50,000 in the event you are named in a criminal or civil case as the result of your duties on the aircraft · Discounted medical and dental services with GMCClinics in Dubai · Sharia compliant wills · Access to the Harvey Watt & Co medical advisory and advocacy organization.
API is a loss of medical certificate protection plan for Emirates pilots only. We do not cover any other pilots and have no affiliation with any other airline.
You are eligible for API benefits following termination as a pilot for medical reasons and have collected the lump-sum payout from Emirates in accordance with their Loss of License Insurance and your claim falls within the API Rules, which are posted on the website in Section 5.3.
API now covers members until 65! Please refer to the Rules Section 6.1 which are available on our website.
With the current membership funds, we have enough to cover well over the industry average for loss of license. As the membership numbers increase, this will favor the plan as a whole. Members' contributions are very carefully managed under the trust agreement of Sovereign and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. Our current cash balance exceeds AED 19,800,000.
API will begin payments after a member has been terminated for medical reasons and Emirates has paid the lump-sum Loss of License Insurance and a legitimate claim has been submitted and approved in accordance with the API Rules.
Regardless of rank or time in the plan API will pay AED 25,000 per month no matter where you choose to live. This amount increases yearly by 3% per annum, to a maximum of AED 35,000 per month.
API will continue to pay you the full amount as long as you do not hold a valid Class I medical certificate. Should the committee feel that your personal disability circumstances have changed, you could be asked to present yourself to a doctor or Aviation Medical Examiner. Please refer to the Rules Section 13 which are available on our website.
UAE GCAA, as the licensing authority, are the only ones who can remove your GCAA license on medical grounds.
There is no such thing as a 'partial' loss. You either have a license (possibly with conditions) or you don't.
API pays regardless of other income, unless you hold a valid Class I medical certificate.
If, for some reason, there are more claimants than funds available to sustain existing payouts, monthly payments continue at a somewhat reduced rate - to be distributed equally amongst individual existing and new claimants. Remember, this is your money and therefore all options will be presented to the members to decide. Please refer to the Rules, Section 5.11 which are available on our website.
If you are able to take a Ground Instructor position it is because you have been terminated as a pilot by Emirates. You must continue paying your API contribution until a final decision is made by the GCAA regarding your Class I medical certificate or you are terminated by Emirates for medical reasons. If your contributions are paid and you are terminated by Emirates for medical reasons and you receive the lump-sum Loss of License Insurance payment from Emirates and your claim falls within the API Rules you will receive your API benefit until your 65th birthday. Please refer to the Rules Section 5.9 which are available on our website.
Your GCAA Class I medical certificate is either valid, suspended or revoked. It can be suspended for up to one year, after which time Emirates will make the decision to terminate your employment. If your employment is terminated and you receive the Emirates Loss of License lump-sum payment and your claim falls within the API Rules you will receive your API benefits. As to “sitting in limbo”, according to Section 3-A18 of the Emirates Employee Handbook, pilots receive full pay for up to one year so you are still fully covered by Emirates while the GCAA is making its decisions. As an API member, when your Class I medical is suspended API will refer you to Harvey Watt and Company for their team of professionals to review and possibly suggest alternate treatments that the GCAA may accept.
API has NEVER refused a legitimate claim made by any API member. We have had two members attempt to defraud the plan however they were unsuccessful and their claims were denied after they challenged API in the Dubai Court.
Absolutely not! The EK Loss of License is a lump sum payout and you receive it immediately upon termination, if you were terminated for medical reasons. You would still receive three years of API benefits until your retirement age.
Yes. Through our Group Life policy with the Oman Insurance Company (OIC), API automatically protects you and your family with US$100,000 of Life Insurance in the event you die as long as your contributions are up to date. In addition, your spouse / fiance' / significant other is protected with US$50,000 of Life Insurance. Both of these important life covers are included in your membership.
This was an unfortunate coincidence but we had already registered our new name with the Guernsey Financial Services Commission when they announced their rebranding and we were unable to change ours without a considerable amount of time and money spent. We recognize the potential for confusion and will do everything we can to ensure there is no confusion between us and the other guys.
1. Application to the Aircrew Protection International Trust 2. Emirates Employee Letter 3. Passport. When you fill out the online registration form you will receive an email with details on each letter and where to deliver them in Dubai.